Chasm and Aether

The Chasm is the realm between realms. It connects our world with all the other ones. It is also the home of the metaphysical. The Chasm consists of aether.

The aether is the building block of everything metaphysical. It’s the equivalent to what matter is for the physical things. The aether originates in the Chasm, but it diffuses into the other realms. The aether within living creatures is known as the spark. When a creature dies, its spark is released back to the world.

The Veil is what separates every realm from the Chasm, like a membrane of shorts.

It is possible to travel through the Chasm and to other realms but it is extremely dangerous. Matter and aether need to swap places. In our world, matter is the vessel and aether is the cargo, in the Chasm, it’s the other way around. That transformation is very rarely without any side effects.

Other Realms

Vlahm is the home of the Demons and it consists primarily of a primordial form of the aether known as the Flame.

Nether is the home of the Necromancers and it consists primarily of a corrupted form of the aether known as the Naether or Frost.


The forms of magic and their disciplines (in parentheses) are:

  • Alchemy: Uses the aether that exists within some special materials. like Everwood, Crysarium, etc. (Transmutation / Life / Elements)
  • Path of Nature: Use the aether that’s channelled through Nature (Nature, Life)
  • Channelling: Uses the unbound aether that exists in the world. (Force, Elements, Illusion)
  • The Way: Access the aether through one’s spark. (Mind, Knowledge)

The following forms of magic can only be used by evil beings:

  • Necromancy: Uses the Naether (Corrupted aether) or consumes/corrupts the aether that exists on other living creatures.
  • Maleficium (sorcery): Uses the Flame (Primordial aether).

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