Back in ancient times, when people, as we know them, were still young in this world, aether was wild and plenty. This made the world a dangerous place. Unexplained phenomena and powerful creatures appeared from nowhere and threatened the lives of people. At some unknown point and under unknown circumstances the people chose the best among their own as the ones that would learn to harness aether for the benefit of all. Those chosen ones eventually rose to great power and even had their own being transformed as result of their connection to aether, and so they were called the Ascended.

The Ascended were not gods, but they acted as guides and guardians over aether and the Chasm. These greater beings protected the people of our world from the ravages of the Vlam and the Naether, the regions of the cosmos that are home to Demons and Necromancers. There were originally five Ascended: Idris, Vetsue, Naali, Taa’zal, Qora. No-one knows what became of them, but they do not walk among us these days.

Hundreds of years after the Ascended came to be, over a thousand of years ago, every presence of aether in the world seemed to disappear. By that time almost everything depended on aether, transportation, harvesting, construction, etc. As a consequence, the whole civilisation collapsed and entered a long period known as the Dark Aeon. At the beginning there was chaos; people turned against each other, diseases spread, etc. Eventually, the people started using more manual labour, beasts of burden and constructing machinery that would aid them.

We are now past that age and into the Resurgence. For now, aether has returned and is constantly on the rise, although it hasn’t yet reached its previous levels. People appear to have realised their previous mistake and decided to not depend on aether as much again, but instead, use it as a complementary force. Nowadays someone who depends exclusively on aether is considered either weak, stupid or a misfit, depending on the society.


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