The Ascended

When the first people started walking on the world, there was far more unbound aether than there is today, since the world hadn’t found its equilibrium yet. The people then decided to elect the best among their own as the ones that would learn to harness the Aether for the benefit of all. These chosen ones eventually rose to great power and even had their own being transformed due to their connection to the Aether and so they were called the Ascended.

The Ascended are not gods, but guides and guardians over Aether. These greater beings protect the people of our world from the ravages of the Abyss and the Naether, the regions of Aether that are home to Demons and Necromancers.

There were originally five Ascended: Idris, Vetsue, Naali, Taa’zal, Qora. These were the five beings originally chosen by the first people of Kaenar.

Idris came from the Eldar.

Vetsue came from the Humans.

Naali came from the Akero.

Taa’zal came from an unknown, mystery race.

Qora came from the Dwarves.

The Ascended

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