The People


Species: Eldar.

The contemporary elves. As tall as humans but slender and live twice as long.


Species: Eldar.

The ancient elves. Taller than humans and live forever, or at least they don’t die from long age. Only a few of them are left in the world today and they’re mostly retracted from the rest of the world. They’re considered some of the wisest creatures on Kaenar, and they probably are.

Darmanden (Half-Elves)

Species: Darmand.

They started as a direct breed of elven and human parents, but they retreated to their own country and isolated themselves. Nowadays they might not be that isolated anymore but they have developed to be a separate, unique species. They still share a lot of traits with both humans and elves.


Species: Dwarf.

Split into the surface and deep dwarves. Dwarves can either be of sturdy build and bearded or slim and beardless (gnome-like).


Species: Akero.

They have either black or white bird-like wings. They are as tall as humans but frailer due to their lighter skeleton. In some areas, there is a strong prejudice against white-winged akero.


Species: Chimerian.

Part human or Eldar, part beast. According to the stories, chimerians were created in ancient times using powerful magical artefacts. They’re humanoid in form with some characteristics from a single beast. These characteristics can be actual animal traits, like enhanced strength, gills, wings, etc or purely cosmetic, like spotted skin, horns, etc. Probably as a result of their creation, chimerians have great difficulty reproducing.


Species: Human.

Nothing more to say, for now.

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The People

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